What Are the Most Popular Roof Designs for Modern Houses?

Asphalt tile roofs have been a residential preserve for more than 100 years. Nowadays, modern and luxurious homes use a lot of slate tiles. Curved roofs are sleek and modern, and the most commonly used material for this type of roof is steel. The butterfly roof is one of the modern and unique American roof designs, which looks like the wings of a butterfly.

It has two earrings that come together in the center, creating a V-shape. This roofing style makes your home in Manchester, CT, appear taller and allows you to collect rainwater in the midsection of the roof. Flat roofs are also popular for many practical reasons. They cost cheaper to build and the installation process is shorter, as contractors use minimal materials.

A combined roof combines two or more simple roof designs, such as gable, killion and flat. This type of roof is custom made and depends on the owner's preferences. Curved roofs are beneficial because they promote the drainage of rainwater and snow, while keeping your home cool. Other materials that can be used for curved roofs include metal roofing sheets.

Sawtooth roofs achieve a modern look for residential properties and allow you to install windows or glass panels. Boiler roofs are also modern designs that take less time to build, since only a few materials are used. Skillion roofs also allow homeowners to install skylights. EPDM, PVC and TPO roof membranes are the best for a flat roof shape.

Single-layer membranes can come in more colors than black and white and are often used on commercial properties. During the period from 1945 to 1970, many mid-century modern architects experimented with flat roofs, creating dream homes for movie stars and wealthy businessmen. Some houses have a limited flat surface area and the rest of the roof has a gable or four-pitched design. In addition, some home extensions may use a flat roof to provide additional living space on the second floor.

Saltbox roofs for homes are a traditional roof style with a long, slanted tip that slopes toward the back. Shed roofs offer interesting opportunities for placing windows, from small rows of glass panels directly under the roof to large windows in the front of the house. Flat roofs, an old style of roof, are often used in arid climates to allow roof space to be easily used. In the first example, the roof design uses two shed roofs (or divides the gable roof in half) and adds a green roof. Borrowed from barn roof styles, a shed roof has only one slanted plane and is often not attached to another roof surface, maintaining a simple but effective appearance.

Its design takes advantage of inclined roof angles while extending the free space within the upper level of a building and reducing what would otherwise be a high roof. Modern roofing systems have a clean, minimalist look. In the first example, the use of wooden cladding as a wall and gable ceiling helps to visually join the structure of the raised ceiling to the walls, making the volume read as a single element. However, keep in mind that combined roof styles can create unjustified valleys that can create leaky areas.

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