Can You Score Points with Roofer in Scrabble?

Are you looking to score big in your next game of Scrabble? If so, you may be wondering if the word 'Roofer' is a valid word in the game. The answer is yes! Roofer is an accepted word in both Scrabble and Words With Friends, and it can help you rack up some serious points. In Scrabble, the word 'Roofer' is worth nine points. That's a pretty good score for a seven-letter word.

But how many points does it get you in Words With Friends? In that game, 'Roofer' is worth a whopping 32 points! But what does the word 'Roofer' mean? A roofer is someone who works on roofs, either installing them or repairing them. So if you're looking to score big in your next game of Scrabble or Words With Friends, remember that 'Roofer' is a valid word and can help you get some serious points.

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