What does live under the same roof mean?

Living under the same roof (with someone) Fig. Sharing a home with someone. It involves living in a close relationship, as husband and wife. It is used when you share a house with someone.

She was disappointed that she and her best friend didn't live under the same roof. Cats and dogs aren't natural enemies, but they aren't natural friends either. When they live under the same roof, they compete for food and water, territory and people's affection. If the two animals live together for several years, they come to an agreement and learn to respect the different issues that are important to each of them.

Placing the ceiling in the sentence and mentioning that it is the same ceiling are details that the listener would have assumed anyway, so they serve as an emphasis. Many families are no longer made up of the stereotypical husband, wife, three children and a dog, and they all live under the same roof. And I thought that as long as you had that obsession with dogs, with training them, well, as long as Felix lived under the same roof as us, you wouldn't have to harass me so much. American definition and synonyms of under the same roof from the Macmillan Education online English dictionary.

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