How Long Does Home Depot Roof Warranty Last?

Home Depot offers premium roof installation services with craftsmanship guarantees that can last up to 25 years. RGB Construction, which is GAF Elite certified, provides GAF guarantees of up to 50 years. In some cases, the cost of installation labor may be covered for the entire life of the roof. However, some homeowners have reported that they paid a lot of money for their new Home Depot roofs but were unable to fix their leaks.

Action 9's Todd Ulrich took these complaints to Home Depot and the company is now taking action. Home Depot protection plans cover a wide range of products, including major appliances, power tools, grills, lawnmowers, small appliances, smart homes, home electronics, electrical equipment, water heaters, generators, holiday decorations, and fireplaces. If there are any issues not covered by the warranty but included in your The Home Depot protection plan, the plan will cover it. You may be able to place Home Depot roof tiles on substandard materials from another manufacturer if you choose that company to handle the roof replacement.

Once the manufacturer's warranty expires, your item will be covered by your The Home Depot protection plan for 2 or 3 years (water heaters for 5 years). When it comes to filing a roof damage insurance claim, it's best to contact a qualified roofing contractor you can trust. Only GAF Master Elite certified roofers can offer the Golden Pledge guarantee, the most powerful and substantial in the industry. If you need to replace a roof or have been damaged during a storm, contact RGB Construction today.

However, when choosing a roofing contractor, you should ensure that you have experienced technicians who have been trained for your exact roofing problem. Maria Marriot and her husband also hired a lawyer and a licensed architect to inspect their roof. He claims that when it rains, parts of his Melbourne home are soaked and says that has been the case since Home Depot contractors installed a new roof. Home improvement companies such as Home Depot are now offering roof replacement and installation services in addition to selling roofing materials.

While Home Depot roofing shingles may be of high quality, there is no way to know if the technicians they use are qualified enough to replace and install the roof properly. While Home Depot can do a good job of researching the companies you use, you may not receive information about that company. Therefore, it is important to do your own research and find a reliable contractor who can provide quality workmanship.

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