What are three skills listed for a roofer?

Requirements and skills Experience as a roofer or a similar position in construction, excellent carpentry skills, experience using various tools and manual equipment, such as scaffolding, taking into account safety regulations, physical strength and good balance, ability to work at heights for long hours. A roofer must be in good physical shape, as the job requires a lot of lifting and hammering. It is necessary to transport heavy roofing materials through the ladder, which requires good strength. In addition, you have to work at great heights with heavy tools for a long time.

When listing the job description of a roofer, the company mentions that the person concerned should not be afraid of heights. This is because the roofer may have to walk along different dangerous edges or roofs with high inclines. Therefore, the roofer must have a good balance when completing the repair or new installation of the roof.


must be strong and able to carry heavy roofing materials all day, every day.

TCI Manhattan Roofing NYC employs strong, hardworking professionals who can do the heavy lifting involved in installing a new roof. Metal Roofing Alliance: Get access to professional training, job offers and more from this metal trade association dedicated to the residential roofing industry. There are no formal education requirements that roofers should include in their resumes, other than a high school diploma, since most training takes place on the job. The skills section of your resume should highlight key attributes that will contribute to or improve the company.

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